Cedar Raised Garden Bed Kits


If your answer is "yes" to any of the following questions then gardening with The Farmstead's raised beds may be the right choice for you.

Do you have heavy clay soil, very sandy soil, or stoney soil?

You may need The Farmstead's raised beds. Place the beds right on the ground you have, fill them with a rich mixture of top soil, compost, and well rotted manure and solve the problem of poor soil without digging, sifting, or endless amendments.

Do you have difficulty bending down to weed and care for you plants?

The Farmstead's raised beds position the garden surface eight inches above ground level. They can also be stacked two, three, or four high creating a working surface that is 16, 24, or 32 inches high.

Do you have limited space in which to garden?

Several beds may be arranged to form a simple garden design but even one bed in a small yard, rooftop, or terrace, will provide an abundance of vegetables, herbs, or flowers in a very small space.

In the spring, are you overwhelmed at the though of planting, weeding, and cultivating the whole expanse of your garden?

The Farmstead's raised beds allow you to work on one bed at a time by dividing the garden into small manageable units.

Do you want to grow vegetables or flowers that require different types of soil or pH?

With separate raised beds it is possible to mix the soil for each bed and tailor the soil to fit your plants needs.

Stacked three or four high, our raised beds are perfect for gardeners with limited mobility or flexibility.

This small kitchen garden takes up little space just outside the door of this historic New England tavern and produces an abundance of many different kinds of herbs.