Cedar Raised Garden Bed Kits


There are many advantages to gardening with The Farmstead's garden raised beds. Here are just a few.

No Chemical Wood Preservatives

Grow healthier plants and vegetables without harmful, chemically-treated wood.

Water Issues Addressed

Raised beds provide even drainage throughout the growing season. As a result, water is conserved and there is no wasted run off.

Vigorous Growth in Good Soil

Filling each bed with rich top soil (or tailoring the soil to your individual plant's needs) will encourage vigorous plant growth and health. It doesn't matter what kind of soil is underneath the beds.

Eliminate Voles

To protect your raised bed gardens from vole damage simply place poultry wire or hardware cloth on the bottom of the bed before filling with soil.

Soil that Breathes

The open friable soil in raised beds is not walked upon and does not become compacted. Yields are higher as more oxygen is available for stronger root growth in soils that are not compacted. Loose soil also makes weeding much easier.

Extended Growing Season

The soil in raised beds warms earlier in the spring so you can get a jump on the season. In both the spring and autumn, protect your beds from cold by using floating row covers attached to the wooden sides of the beds.

      I usually find that "new and improved" means "worse and not better" so a design from the 17th century has great appeal to me. The old ways are so often the best. Thanks for a good product and for the way you do business.
      S.B. - New York

      Everything worked like a charm. The beds were so easy to put together and so beautiful to look at - close up and from a distance.

It's easy to customize the soil mix in each raised bed to accommodate different plantings.

The naturally longer growing season that raised beds create can be extended further by the use of floating row covers supported by wire arches as shown here in a Cary, North Carolina garden.

There's no need to dig or prepare the ground before putting your raised beds to work. This garden was built right on the front lawn of this Florence, Massachusetts home.

      The beds are wonderful! They went together with great ease. I am very pleased with your products - and your service has no equal.