Cedar Raised Garden Bed Kits


It takes less than five minutes to assemble The Farmstead's raised beds. No tools are required. Simply slip the tenon through the mortise opening and secure with provided wooden pegs.

Raised beds can be placed directly on sod, lawn, or even a weedy patch. Once the bed is filled with soil, the vegetation underneath (with a few exceptions) will soon form a mellow composted base.

Fill with a soil mixture to suit your plants and you're ready to go.

Dear Hope,
      I am so pleased with the raised beds. They are even more than my best wishes. The fact that they are so light, easy to put together for a 75-year-old (me), and look so wonderful - it is a bit of a miracle for me. Thank you.
      E. K. - Maine

Dear Hope,
      Thank you for prompt delivery and for such a wonderful product.

Lay out the four pieces of the raised bed. Simply slip the tenon through the mortise opening at each corner.

Secure the joint with a wooden peg. This construction, as opposed to nailed corners will not allow the sides of the bed to come apart from the pressure of the soil.

Fill your newly constructed raised bed with your soil mix and you're ready to plant.